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Fort Collins attorneys assistance in criminal cases guarantee your protection
25.12.2020 в 10:01

Criminal penalties are the most severe type of responsibility, therefore, it provides for mandatory defense of a lawyer. In the event of criminal prosecution, the accused should seek help as soon as possible to protect his rights and minimize the risk of losing the case.

The legal company provides qualified legal assistance in criminal cases for both the accused and witnesses and victims. By contacting the criminal defense lawyer fort collins, you are guaranteed to receive competent advice and support in the process of resolving catch production.

What legal aid in criminal cases includes?

  • initial consultation of the client or his relatives with the determination of the case's prospects;
  • unlimited consultations with the client in person;
  • preparation of all necessary documentation;
  • if necessary, conduct attorney's investigation, interview witnesses, collect evidence;
  • accompanying the client at all stages of the pre-trial proceedings — interrogations, confrontations, investigative experiments, searches.

We will make sure that the procedural rules are followed clearly so that your rights are not violated and the investigators act within the legal framework.

The lawyers of the company will inform you about all the nuances throughout the case, together with you they will create a legal position and build tactics for a successful defense in court.

Defense in court. Lawyers make every effort to prove the innocence of the accused or mitigate the punishment in case of guilt;

An appeal against court decisions that are not in your favor. More than a quarter of the defendants were found not guilty or received a commutation of sentences through an appeal.

The criminal lawyers' guarantee:

  • complete confidentiality of the information entrusted to them. You can be sure that all information provided to us about you will be protected.
  • 24/7 support — attorney understands the seriousness of the problem and is ready to provide legal assistance in criminal cases at any time;
  • an individual approach to each client to create a competent line of defense and change the strategy of behavior in the course of the case.

Attorney's assistance in case of an accident

Criminal cases require unique professional training. It is a qualified experienced road accident lawyer who has a narrow practical specialization who can provide high-quality protection if a criminal case for an accident is initiated. In some cases, the help of a dui lawyer fort collins is simply necessary. After all, even a minor accident can become a criminal case.

Several drivers are often involved in road accidents. This means that everyone needs help. If you are the culprit of an accident, our lawyer for an accident will look for any opportunities to challenge your guilt or minimize liability. If you are a victim of an accident, we will seek maximum compensation and a fair decision for the perpetrator of the accident. At any stage, we provide reliable protection and representation of interests in the internal affairs bodies, the prosecutor's office, and in court for the suspect, accused, or victim.

to resolve issues of divorce, division of property, marriage, custody of children, etc. Also, the company provides the services of an experienced family law lawyer fort collins to resolve issues of divorce, division of property, marriage, custody of children, etc


Артём Филипенко
Наступного року Україна головуватиме у Стратегії ЄС для Дунайського регіону (ЄСДР). Це, безумовно, не лише важливий крок у реалізації євроінтеграційних намірів держави, але й значна відповідальність. Адже ЄСДР поширюється на 14 країн, серед яких є як члени ЄС, так і країни Дунайського басейну, що мають намір стати частиною об'єднаної Європи.

Перлина у книжковому намисті: Одеському журналу „Крокодил” – 110!
110 років тому, 2 квітня 1911 року, в Одесі вийшов друком перший номер знаменитого гумористичного журналу «Крокодил», що став непересічним явищем в історії журналістики. У життєписі цього видання – багато яскравих подій і харизматичних особистостей, завдяки яким журнал став дуже популярним.

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